Friday, July 11, 2008

Birthday-palooza 2008

It's 36 hours until we host our third annual Picnic in The Park (or my living room....or picnic at Dada's work, depending on the weather). I have indoor games (just in case) and outdoor games and cakes. I have ordered pizza and ice creams. I have lists and schedules and spreadsheets. I am ready to celebrate your births in the biggest way I can. We are expecting more than 60 people, 30 of which are under-aged. It's gonna be big and bold and memorable.

I love you both to bits. Happy birthday my sweet things.

Hamburger anyone?

"It doesn't matter whether you want a hamburger for dinner tomorrow night. All that matters is the people who are gone and the people who are still here." a quote from Hannah, age 6.

Nana died. Poor Nana." a quote from Sadie, age 2.5

Thank you both for continuing to remind me of what matters.