Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My First Blog

Well, I guess I could try to recap the last 34 years or just dive in, so here we go...

Rocket Cheese is a bit of an inside joke around our house. Both Hannah and Sadie have invented some very colourful words that have a lasting power greater than I could have ever expected. Rocket Cheese is the name Hannah gave to Macaroni and Cheese very early in her life. We have called that comfort food by her pet name for it ever since. Choosing a blog name that hasn't been chosen yet is tricky so this is the first one I thought of.

Front Page News
Hannah has lost her first tooth. (June 26th, 2007) The Tooth Fairy found the tiny pearl in a hand sewn pillow with a pocket that Hannah and I made together when she first noticed the tooth was loose. Hannah woke up to find two Loonies and a note saying "Thank you for the beautiful tooth. I can tell that you do a good job of brushing your teeth. Love The Tooth Fairy." Hannah was thrilled. She used the money to buy book 3 in a series she and I have been reading at bedtime called The Fairy Realm, By Emily Rodda. After we read the tooth shaped note, she said "Oh...I was supposed to catch The Tooth Fairy." When I asked her why, she said that she and her friend Nour (from Preschool) wanted to catch her to ask her if they could be Tooth Fairies too.

In other news, the girls both have their birthday's at the beginning of July. Hannah will be turning 5 years old and Sadie will be turning 2.

Hannah just had her Orchard House Preschool Graduation. She will be heading off the Willingdon for Kindergarten in September.

Sadie will be starting preschool at Orchard House in their new location. We had a tour of the new building with one of Sadie's friends, who will be attending school with her in September. This is a picture of Sadie and her friend sitting on the steps of what will become the New Orchard House Preschool. We are very excited for Sadie to follow in Hannah's footsteps. We have had such a good experience with Orchard House that we know that Sadie will thrive there.
Upcoming Events
We are planning to go camping this weekend. Hannah has been camping several times but Sadie has not been camping yet. We just couldn't make it happen last year, so we are long overdue. We have to buy a bit more gear now that we have to fit four in a tent. We won't all fit on one air mattress anymore - especially because Hannah and Sadie are used to sharing a double futon with a toddler bed attached to the side. We bought one extra single mattress and hope that will due for this trip. It adds up when you have to shell out for two of everything. Over the summer, I hope to accumulate another single air mattress and two more sleeping bags but we can make do with blankets and lots of cuddling for this time.

Next weekend will be our second annual Family Picnic in MacDonald Park. We will celebrate both Hannah and Sadie's birthdays together with a group of about 60 friends. Last year's party was so much fun that we hope to repeat it year after year.

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