Monday, November 5, 2007


Sadie - you've got croup and this is the 4th night we've spent glued to each other (just like the picture). You are on the mend now but it's been long for you. I know because you totally lost it at dinner today. You were so determined to be the crankiest. You were drinking from your milk cup when you looked over and noticed that Hannah was drinking from hers too.
"No I'M drinking milk!"

(Hannah and I are guilty here of laughing a little)
"It's NOT funny"
Don't worry Sadie - Hannah and I managed to get you to find the humor in it!

Here you are eating a Clementine at 1:00am - our first box of the season!


Jenn said...

Wow, you guys are the 5th or 6th family I know that has a croupy kid...we had it last week, and it was nowhere near fun! It's going around like CRAZY!!

Hope everyone feels better soon!

Kate said...

Sweet but sad pics, girls. I hope y'all are feeling better soon, we're thinking of you every day. xoxoxoxoXOXOXO

Gretel said...

Get better! I was home with Phelan yesterday too and both kids sound awful in the night...but not so bad during the day. Sweet photos.