Sunday, November 11, 2007

Missed one already

I missed posting yesterday. That's just the way it goes around here.

I have been plotting out this coming week with careful thought. I have a thousand interesting things to do but they have all collided in one busy week. The fun starts tonight when I go into work for 6:30pm at the theatre for a rental show coming in.

Monday: substitute teaching at Sadie's school
Tuesday: Dave's birthday! The girls are excited
*Wednesday: "Tech Week Widows" dinner with 5 kids and three Mom's - fun!!!
Thursday: Girls night at our house with two out of town friends and one cute baby (I hope Cam comes)!!
Friday: day of prep for catering gig - birthday party for 30 people
Saturday: Birthday both girls are invited to that I am catering in the morning. Birthday party for Hannah to attend in the afternoon.

I will have 3 extra people for the catered lunches I make each day which brings me up to 8 full lunches and two small salads each day. And of course 5 yummy lunches for Hannah and 3 yummy snacks for Sadie. It's a full week alright but I have it all charted and I can manage.

*My friend Laura and I get together when her husband Mitch and Dave have to work long hours at the theatre for a couple of weeks leading up to the Opening of the show they are working on (aka Tech Week). She brings her two girls over after school and we feed them dinner, let them play, pop them into pj's and she takes hers home to bed at the end of a fun night. It's a really good way to get through what is otherwise a very long and lonely stretch of time. Dave typically leaves the house in the morning and isn't home before we are all asleep. The girls find it hard and ask for him a lot but distractions help so much. I am hoping the busy week will make it fly by for them


Gretel said...

your tech 'widows' evenings are BRILLIANT! I SO could have used that kind of camaraderie and support these last weeks with Isaac working crazy hours...after my full day of work! I'm inspired to see if I can hook up with some similarly 'widowed' neighbours likewise. I can think of one whose husband works super long hours, then plays hockey a couple nights a week...hmm. I miss my Montreal friends!

Jenne said...

Please keep posting your schedule, because I think it's amazing and important. I am constantly amazed at how gracefully you juggle all the things you do - and some day the girls' jaws will drop at what you managed to do in a week...mothering energy and imagination drawn from such a deep well of love.