Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What's Your "Self Number"?

Sadie- you continue to amaze me with how you can cut directly to the point with so few words. You have always placed phone calls to my Mum since she passed away in March. It was so sweet when you started doing that. I am so happy for every day that goes by without you and Hannah forgetting her. Recently though, you have added an imaginative layer to this sweet homage to Nana. You always flip open your toy cell phone and ask me for Nana's "Self Number'. The first few times it happened I tried to correct you. "Do you want her cell phone number?" But you always insisted that it was her "Self Number" that you required to place your call. I always give you the phone number we had when we were growing up. "237-3775". You place the call and then pass me the phone "It's your Mum." I always have a nice conversation with Nana about how we are all doing so well and we miss her and then pass the phone back to you. "She wants to say hi to you." You usually just say "Bye Nana". I guess you know it's me who needs to talk to someone.

This picture was taken on the day of your first "parent presentation" at LynnAnne's dance studio. I am hoping to keep feeding your creative side for as long as necessary - please don't grow out of your imagination. You are in the front row -the only one holding your skirt out in a curtsy.

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Kate said...

Jen- this is so beautiful! How touching to have a daughter with a direct line not only to Nana, but straight to what she knows you need. That Sadie s a treasure!